World Dog Show LEIZIG 2017

Old English Sheepdog          Judge: Wauben John  
  BOB Shaggy Blue Bobs Umberta @ Blue Zottels (Leonhardt Brigitte &Matthias, Germany)
  BOS Youandi Grand Cru (Engelen Van Inge, The Netherlands)
  CACIB male, WW-17 Youandi Grand Cru (Engelen Van Inge, The Netherlands)
  CACIB female, WW-17 Shaggy Blue Bobs Umberta @ Blue Zottels (Leonhardt Brigitte &Matthias, Germany)
  BOB veteran, VWW-17 Danish Delight Mary Go Round (Schjøth Birgitte, Denmark)
  dog, VWW-17 Youandi Pompidou (Kuijpers Pascalle, The Netherlands)
  BOB junior, JWW-2017 Danish Delight Yasmina (Schjoth Birgitte, Denmark)
  dog, JWW-2017 Elton John Shaggy Edition (Jamborova Eleonora, Slovakia)
  BOB baby Frieda Vom Goitschesee (Schulz Beate, Germany)
  ROP couple Silvery Bear Göd Wide Boy/Sugar Aus Dem Rotmaintal (Bilsheim Heike, Germany)
      Veteran Class
        12749 Silvery Bear Göd Wide Boy Excellent 2   RES VCAC    
        12750 Youandi Pompidou Excellent 1   VCAC    
      Baby Class
        12751 Frodo Vom Goitzschesee VP 1        
      Junior Class
        12752 Angel Sinclair From Stone's Excellent 2   RES JCAC    
        12753 Elton John Shaggy Edition Excellent 1   JCAC    
        12754 Smokey Eyes Von Den Frechen Bobby's Very Good 3        
      Middle Class
        12755 Griland Grand Style Excellent 1   VDH-CAC    
        12756 Haytinghill Baloo The Bear Very Good 2        
        12757 High In The Sky O' Sole Mio Very Good 3        
      Champion Class
        12758 Aryakas Pegasos Excellent          
        12759 Bob Kudłaty Tramp Very Good          
        12760 Danish Delight Quarterback Excellent 4        
        12761 Macoes Aspen Excellent          
        12762 Niedersachsens-Pride Just Remember Excellent          
        12763 Nochmal Aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal Very Good          
        12764 Norman Harrison Aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal Excellent 2   RES VDH-CAC    
        12765 One Oneiro Dei Nobilpazzi Excellent 3        
        12766 Youandi Grand Cru Excellent 1   BOS, CAC, VDH-CAC, CACIB    
      Open Class
        12767 Al Capone Junior Futrzak Very Good          
        12768 Askook Very Good          
        12769 Danish Delight U R The One Excellent 1   VDH-CAC, RES CACIB    
        12770 Ernie Vom Goitschesee Excellent          
        12771 Kimbo Von Laubenzedel Very Good          
        12772 L'atout Coeur Of Reality Dream Excellent 3        
        12773 Niedersachsen's Pride Key To Happiness Excellent 2   RES VDH-CAC    
        12774 On Top Aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal Very Good          
        12775 Youandi Alive And Kicking Excellent 4        
        12776 Zottels Firecracker absent          
      Veteran Class
        12777 Cyrene Charming Nymph Of Abigal Grace Excellent 2   RES VCAC    
        12778 Danish Delight Mary Go Round Excellent 1   VET BOB, VCAC    
      Baby Class
        12779 Air Zeppeline Glikia Gioconda VP 4        
        12780 Frieda Vom Goitschesee VP 1        
        12781 Griland The Magic Queen VP 2        
        12782 No More Blues Du Moulin Du Pont absent          
        12783 Youandi Millésime VP 3        
      Junior Class
        12784 Adele For Treasure-Island's To Our Hearts absent          
        12785 Czarlinda's Piece Of Happiness Very Good          
        12786 Danish Delight Yasmina Excellent 1   JCAC    
        12787 Lady In Red From Beautiful Highland Excellent 2   RES JCAC    
        12788 Only For Fun Lara Very Good          
        12789 Pennylane Eyes Only For You Excellent 3        
        12790 Poet's Garden I'm So Beautiful Excellent 4        
        12791 Quality Time Of Snowboot Bears absent          
      Middle Class
        12792 Charlotte From Old Cottage Garden Very Good 2        
        12793 Gwendolina A Child Of Gwenhwyfar Excellent 1   VDH-CAC    
      Champion Class
        12794 Agatha From Old Cottage Garden Very Good          
        12795 Dzino Best Bagira Excellent          
        12796 Griland Royal Dream Bear Excellent          
        12797 Juodanosis Gera Gera Excellent 3        
        12798 Lafayette Aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal Excellent          
        12799 Monique Bibi Excellent          
        12800 Reata's Olivia Excellent 2   RES VDH-CAC    
        12801 Shaggy Blue Bob`S Sweet Dream Of Grace Kelly Very Good          
        12802 Shaggy Blue Bobs Umberta @ Blue Zottels Excellent 1   BOB, CAC, VDH-CAC, CACIB    
        12803 Sugar Aus Dem Rotmaintal Excellent 4        
        12804 The One I Love Takoda Kyona Very Good          
      Open Class
        12805 Angel Quantobella From Stone's Excellent 3        
        12806 Checkpoint Charlie's Girlfriend Geraldine Very Good 4        
        12807 Fidelis Vom Zigeunerhäusl Excellent 2   RES VDH-CAC    
        12808 Lisa Mona Of Reality Dream Excellent 1   VDH-CAC, RES CACIB    
        12809 Orchidea Pod Szmaragdowymi Bzami Very Good          
        12810 Piraza Silver Shadow absent          
        12811 Shaggy Blue Bob's Undercover Girl Very Good          
    COUPLE competitions
        33221 Silvery Bear Göd Wide Boy   1        

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Important Notices

Notice for those interested in bobtail puppies When choosing your bobtail make sure that puppies are from an FCI kennel. There are organizations that issue their own kind of "pedigree". However, these "pedigrees" are not FCI, and a puppy from such kennel is for us the same as a puppy without a Pedigree. An example of these organisations are UCI or INTERNATIONALER RASSEHUNDE VERBAND E.V.

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