Výbor Bobtail clubu varuje případné zájemce o štěňata našeho plemene před množiteli štěňat bez průkazu původu!!!!

Viz článek Není chov, jako chov. V případě informací o plemeni a štěňatech kontaktujte členy výboru klubu, kteří Vám budou nápomocni. Děkujeme. 

Petra Márová, predsedkyně Bobtail Clubu


Dear members of the Bobtail club and fans of the OES.

We present to you our website. We hope that you will like it and that you will find everything you need.

Web pages adjust to be clearly displayed in tablets and mobile phones. The Breeding section has undergone favourable changes. The important links are placed in duplicate to make it easier to find. In the Shows section there are: Club shows of the given year, Club archive, Euroshows (our 3 Czech Euroshows + current Euroshow) and Show results (shows in the last 12 months). Photos on the main page will be changed. Current Summer photos will be replaced later by Autumn photos, etc. Photogallery - old photos are without descriptions, these are in the photogallery of our new FB page. New photos are with descriptions inside each photo. The English version opens by clicking on the GB flag in the top right corner of the screen. Articles that are in the original Czech language can be translated into English using the Google Translater, shown on the screen. The advantage of this service is that it contains 103 world languages.                                                                                  

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Important Notices

WARNING! VALTICE WEEKEND IS GETTING CLOSE (14+15.9.2019), CLOSING DATE IS extended to 27. 8. 2019. it is necessary to solve the accommodation already now! Hotel Hubertus is closed (reconstruction). BOOK YOUR ACCOMMODATION NOW! INFO HERE



Notice for those interested in bobtail puppies When choosing your bobtail make sure that puppies are from an FCI kennel. There are organizations that issue their own kind of "pedigree". However, these "pedigrees" are not FCI, and a puppy from such kennel is for us the same as a puppy without a Pedigree. An example of these organisations are UCI or INTERNATIONALER RASSEHUNDE VERBAND E.V.
VALTICE Club Show and Special Show 8. - 9.9.2018 Club show PHOTO HERE


Czech National and International shows 2019 HERE

 EURO OES SHOW 2017 VALTICE results and photos HERE


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