Special Show 9.9.2018 – Christina Bailey

Results + Judges report

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Psi třída štěňat / Male Baby Class

VN1/VP1, Nejl.štěně / Best Baby                          ENCHANT INSIDER TWINNYS SURPRISE

N2/P2                                                                  SHERO WOO ALL ABOUT THAT BASS


Psi třída dorostu / Male Puppy Class                                     

VN1/VP1, Nejl.dorost / Best Puppy                        REATA´S VECTOR SPACE


Psi mezitřída / Male Intermediate Class                               

V1/EXC1, CAC                                                          BOTTOM SHAKER THE GREATEST PICTURE

V2/EXC2, R.CAC                                                       JUST FRIENDS UNIQUE                      


Psi třída otevřená / Male Open Class                                                                   

V1/EXC1, CAC                                                         ALESSIO-MAESTRO VON CANIS CARNUNTUM

V2/EXC2, R.CAC                                                     FALCON BAMBINI DI PRAGA

ABS                                                                      GAMBRINUS OD CHMELOVÉHO ŠTOKU


Psi třída vítězů / Male Winner Class                                                                   

V1/EXC1, CAC, Vítěz speciální výstavy / Special Show Winner, BOB

                                                                              EDUARD VOM GOITZSCHESEE

V2/EXC2, R.CAC                                                      ERNIE VOM GOITZSCHESEE

V3/EXC3                                                                 DUSTIN HOFFMAN SHAGGY EDITION


Psi třída veteránů / Male Veteran Class                                

V1/EXC1, Nejl.veterán / BOV                           HOTNSPICY AUS DEM ELBE-URSTROMTAL


Psi mimo konkurenci / Male Without Concurence            

VD1/VG1                                              PIEROT MODRÝ KAŇON


Feny třída štěňat / Female Baby Class

VN1/VP1                                                            ENCHANT I HAVE A DREAM LUNA    


Feny třída mladých / Female Junior Class                             

V1/EXC1, CAJC, Nejl.Mladý / BOJ                        FUNNY COVER GIRL

V2/EXC2                                                             AMMELIA                        


Feny mezitřída / Female Intermediate Class                              

V1/EXC1, CAC, Vítěz speciální výstavy / Special Show Winner, BOS

                              FRIEDA VOM GOITZSCHESEE

V2/exc2, R.CAC                                                   ESPECIALLY FROM ME KUDLATY TRAMP

V3/EXC3                                                             HIGH HEELS VOM RANGSDORFER SEE

V4/EXC4                                                             ESMERALDA KUDLATY TRAMP

V/EXC                                                                  ANGEL SAMBA FROM STONE´S

V/EXC                                                                  ENCHANT HOPEFUL FUTURE

V/EXC                                                                 Q´MONA LISA AUS DEM ELBE-URSTROMTAL

VD/VG                                                                FERGIE VOM GOITZSCHESEE

ABS                                                                      MACOES ELASTYNA

ABS                                                                      EMILY KUDLATY TRAMP


Feny třída otevřená / Female Open Class                                                                        

V1/EXC1                                                             SNOWDOWNE SPECIAL FOR EUROPE SHAGGY EDITION

V2/EXC2                                                             SIVERY BEAR GOD AMY

VD3/VG3                                                           EDITH PIAF SHAGGY EDITION

VD4/VG4                                                           GRACIELLA OD CHMELOVÉHO ŠTOKU

ABS                                                                      BORGIA MODRÝ KAŇON KABRIMO


Feny třída vítězů /  Female Winner Class                                                                       

V1/EXC1, CAC                                                   TAKODA KYONA THE ONE I LOVE


Feny mimo konkurenci / Female Without Concurence            

V1/EXC1                                                             CAROLAN BAMBINI DI PRAGA

V2/EXC2                                                             SILVA SMITHFIELD BEAR

V3/EXC3                                                             ILLY POGOŃSKA PERLA

ABS                                                                      ECSTASY KUDLATY TRAMP


Nejlepší pár - Best Pair




 Judges report:

This was my second invitation to officiate at this famous Club Show.

Sadly, when I was invited the first time, one of my own dogs was taken extremely ill shortly before the show and I had to cancel, which I was very sorry about.

So when I was invited for this year’s show, I vowed that all would go well at home; all dogs being well cared for by my dear friend Jan Betts, the same, who took over my first judging appointment, and that nothing would stop me from coming to this stunning place and judge your lovely dogs.

I want to thank the committee of your Club and especially Petra Marova and Karolina Morrison for arranging all the details for this weekend and taking good care of both of us. I feel that the idea of joining up with the Bearded Collie Club has worked really well for both Clubs and I most certainly really enjoyed the privilege of judging the two breeds.

Generally speaking, I was very happy with all my winners and felt that most of the exhibits present were of a rather high quality and very well presented. Maybe the ring could have been a bit bigger to show off the larger type of adult males’ movement a bit more easily but this is only a minor suggestion.

There were some very typical OES shown on the day, with correct and balanced outline, strong back skulls, wide muzzle, well arched necks and very well angled shoulders. I found some very pleasing toplines and sound hindquarters, which enabled those dogs to move around the ring without effort.

My handsome & masculine BOB male displayed a fabulous coat in colour, texture and with the nowadays very seldom present break in the coat. He was presented well groomed in a very sympathetic way without any exaggerations or excessive trimming, again some thing, which is more and more a thing of the past.

My BOS female was a young very feminine girl, who still needs a bit more time to mature fully but she is young and has everything I am looking for at the age.

Best baby and best puppy both went to the boys. Well, all I can say, I LOVED them both and would be happy to make room for them here in my house.

The best Intermediate was also the male; I am certain he will be a very successful male when he is fully mature. For my personal preference, I would like him to be a little less trimmed but this is just my own personal view.

When I am judging, I try not to penalise so called ‘manmade’ faults, i.e. lack of ring training, excessive trimming, or inexperienced presentation. However, there is one thing, I would like to draw your attention to, there were quite a few dogs with really dirty back teeth. This, of course, doesn’t change the quality of the dogs but apart from dirty teeth being a health hazard, when you take your dogs to a ‘beauty contest’, clean teeth are a must. Also some dogs were seriously overweight and would therefore not be able to do the job they were meant to do.

Please for you own and your dog’s sake do take note of these comments above, as they might just increase the length of a healthy life for your four legged friend.

Last but not least, thank you for entering under me and giving me the chance to handle your dogs. I wish all of you all the very best for the future and hopefully we will see each other again at another show one day.

Christina Bailey

Automatic translator

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